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Piedmont Concierge Program

Personalized Health Care At Your Finger Tips

A simple cough turned into a painful, lingering cough that Judy Byrd couldn’t get rid of.

Instead of going into a hospital or clinic, she called her physician, Belinda Brown-Saddler, M.D., who returned her call within a matter of minutes. Within hours, Judy received notification that her prescription was ready at her local pharmacy.

When Crystal Culver grew concerned about a lump growing on her eye, Dr. Brown-Saddler was just a text away.

Crystal snapped a picture of it and sent it to Dr. Brown-Saddler, who promptly responded with a diagnosis. Crystal also received emailed information about the diagnosis and Dr. Brown-Saddler immediately sent a prescription over to Culver’s pharmacy.

As members of Piedmont’s Concierge Medicine Program, both Judy and Crystal enjoy the benefit of direct communications with Dr. Brown-Saddler and the Concierge Medicine staff.

“It takes the sting and anxiety out of going into a medical office and sitting and waiting, seeing other people that are sick. That sometimes can build up your anxiety even more. This program helps that,” Crystal said.

Crystal expressed gratitude for being part of a program that she says alleviates anxiety and stigma associated with medical appointments.

Judy said she appreciates the personalized attention, quick response and timely referrals from Dr. Brown-Saddler through the Piedmont Concierge Medicine Program.

“I’m almost 80 years old, so it is important to me if I have an issue that I get fairly quick attention,” Judy said.

Judy added that she loves the personal care that Dr. Brown-Saddler gives, often checking in with Judy after her appointments with specialists at other locations.

“She follows up with what the (specialists) put on MyChart [Piedmont’s online patient portal]. We talk about it when I go in the next time,” Judy said. “She seems concerned and she makes me feel like I’m her only patient.”

Why Piedmont’s Concierge Medicine program may be right for you

If you’re like Crystal, Judy, or other members of the Piedmont Concierge Medicine Program, convenience, timeliness and a personal approach are important in addressing your health care and treatment plans.

Piedmont’s Concierge Medicine Program checks all of those boxes. As a member, you will receive customized, highly coordinated care with a strong focus on preventive medicine, same-day or next-day appointments, and the added peace of mind in knowing your physician will deliver care when you need it.

Patients also enjoy the valet parking service and spa-like atmosphere at the Piedmont Concierge Medicine office, located at the 105 Building on the Piedmont Atlanta Hospital campus. Patients say the clinic provides a calm, relaxed environment with little to no wait time to see their doctor.

“It has totally spoiled me. It’s such a difference than the clinic atmosphere. It’s well worth it,” Judy Byrd said.

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