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Your Patient Experience at Piedmont Heart Institute

Exceptional, patient-centered heart care is our primary objective.  Both patients and family members will realize that care is different at Piedmont Heart. Along with our world-class expertise at Piedmont Heart Institute, our goal is to provide a positive experience for you along the way. Every team member knows that heart and vascular wellness can be a journey. We’ll help you understand what to expect throughout every phase of your care – from initial appointments and tests to minimally invasive procedures or, if necessary, surgery and rehabilitation. If you have questions about your care, please ask any one of your care providers.  We’ll ensure you get the answers you need and help you understand each step.

Partners in Patient-Focused Care

So much of heart health is within your control.  With a patient-focused approach across all areas of cardiovascular care, our team partners with our patients to teach you how to prevent heart damage and improve heart health. With helpful educational information such as Living Better articles, fitness focus and cooking demonstrations, we help patients live a heart-healthy life. Our Learning Center offers physician training videos and educational resources for patients. 

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