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Why Dr. Chin Refers to Piedmont Heart Institute

Jean Chin, M.D., a family medicine physician, has a strong partnership with Piedmont Heart Institute. She appreciates the Piedmont Heart team as a specialty care provider for her patients.

“Specialists at Piedmont Heart Institute are very responsive. If one of my patients needs to be seen quickly by a specialist at Piedmont Heart, it always happens – they are truly available for my patients.”

"I really appreciate the evidence-based approach to practicing medicine at Piedmont Heart." - Dr. Jean Chin

Comprehensive Care for the Most Complex Conditions

“For any heart or vascular need, I feel confident in the Piedmont Heart team, including the most complex care that may be needed.” For everything from diagnostic testing to surgical expertise, if necessary, the team works well across all clinical areas, including improved recovery through cardiac rehabilitation. “It is always clear to me that I oversee the care of my patients, but am completely supported by the multidisciplinary team at Piedmont Heart Institute.”

Dr. Chin is comforted by the fact that her patients with advanced heart disease, those referred to Piedmont Heart’s Advanced Heart Failure Clinic, are in good hands. With an accessible and high level of specialized care, Dr. Chin knows her patients’ day-to-day care is managed well so the incidence of an urgent visit is reduced.

Strong Communication is Standard at Piedmont Heart

If Dr. Chin simply needs to talk with a cardiologist about a possible referral, she can always get a quick response. And if a referral is needed, Piedmont’s heart and vascular specialists always keep her informed of her patient's care status, especially with significant information. In her experience, such strong communication is unusual – and much appreciated.

In addition to a phone call update, Dr. Chin always receives a follow-up note within the patient record consultation report. These proactive communications provide immediate feedback from the specialty consultation. “They don’t have to do this – many times the referral feedback is simply posted in the patient record, but the Piedmont Heart team makes sure I see it in a timely manner.”

Participation in Evidence-Based CME

Dr. Chin also takes advantage of many of the CME opportunities at Piedmont Heart Institute. “I really appreciate the evidence-based approach to practicing medicine at Piedmont Heart – we don’t always see that and really value such a high standard of care.”

Refer a Patient

We welcome the opportunity to assist in the care of your patient. Our team wants to work with you to provide the best treatment options for your patient. Please contact us for additional information.

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