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Piedmont Newnan Expands Cardiology Services

Piedmont Newnan Expands Cardiology ServicesPiedmont Newnan has expanded its cardiology services with the launch of the PCI program on Oct. 2. PCI, which stands for percutaneous coronary intervention, is used to treat obstructive heart disease, relieving symptoms of coronary heart disease and reducing heart damage during or after a heart attack.

“At Piedmont Newnan, our top priority is providing high quality care to our patients and community and now we can keep patients in need of this cardiac service closer to home for care,” said Director of Cardiology Tim Lacny.

Facility infrastructure changes included a new dedicated interventional radiology lab and new cath lab.

“Thank you to everyone involved in this process. Over 200 patients a year go outside of Coweta County for interventional cardiac catheterization procedures. Now, we are be able to provide this advanced cardiac care for these individuals close to home and potentially provide better outcomes,” said Lacny.

Patient Story

Piedmont Newnan Expands Cardiology ServicesOtis Smith, 80, is a husband and grandfather from Hogansville, just south of Newnan. He suffers from obstructive heart disease and was admitted to Piedmont Newnan to relieve blockage of his arteries. In the past, Mr. Smith had to go through a procedure that would identify the blockage, then recover and be transferred to another hospital to have surgery to place a stent in to relieve the blockage.

Now that Piedmont Newnan offers percutaneous coronary intervention, or PCI, the two procedures are essentially combined, which is much safer for the patient, giving them a faster recovery and keeps them close to home for care. “I was surprised and very happy that I could have everything done here. It made things a lot easier on myself and my family,” he said.

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