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Donated Wetsuit Helps Heart Patient Return to the Water, Teach Granddaughter to Swim

72-year-old Jack Curry needed an LVAD, or left ventricular assist device, to save his life. But it meant the former lifeguard and swim instructor would no longer be able to pursue his life passion in the water.

Dr. David Dean, surgical director of Samsky Advanced Heart Failure Center at Piedmont Atlanta, helped find an innovative solution. He teamed up with ScubaPro to develop a customized wetsuit that would protect the LVAD device.

“Any time a patient gets news that their condition is going to keep them from being able to carry out their life’s plans, it can be deflating,” Dr. Dean told 11Alive. “We continue to push, innovate, investigate and evaluate opportunities for patients to return to a passionate, active and fulfilling life. We recognized an opportunity to give Mr. Curry part of his life back and didn’t hesitate to react. It’s always our mission to make a positive difference in every life we touch.”

The donated wetsuit helped Mr. Curry return to the water, and allowed him the opportunity to teach his granddaughter to swim.

Read more at 11 Alive.

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