Emergency Department FAQs

At Piedmont, we take every emergency visit seriously, but we realize that some situations are more urgent than others. Because the Emergency Department always sees patients in order of severity, you will receive medical attention according to the seriousness of your symptoms, illness or injury. Although certain patients may not appear critically ill, their history, assessment and vital signs alert us to their need for immediate attention.

When you are ill or injured and need care quickly, Piedmont's Emergency Department team works hard to get you examined quickly. Read answers to most of our frequently asked questions.


Can you bill me for my co-payment?

Yes, but we prefer you pay at the time of service.

If I don't have the co-payment, will my treatment be delayed?


How long is the wait?

We are committed to providing our patients with the most efficient, highest-quality care. However, we occasionally experience high volumes and extended wait times. Most emergency visits take two to four hours; if special testing is needed, the visit may take up to six hours. Please feel free to ask the triage nurse to explain wait times.

What do I need to bring to the Emergency Department?

Your driver's license, insurance card, list of your medications, your physician's name and a list of any allergies to medications.

Do you accept all types of insurance?

We treat all patients, regardless of their ability to pay or their insurance plan.

Can my family be with me during my emergency visit?

We allow two visitors per patient out of respect for other patients' privacy and to provide a safe environment for our patients.

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