Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Kane - UroNav Biopsy $125,000

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Kane have donated $125,000 to Piedmont Cancer Center to substantially outfit a room that houses the first UroNav Fusion Biopsy System in Georgia. This powerful technology will clearly identity Piedmont as the community leader in critical oncology services.

The UroNav is a major technological advancement in detecting prostate cancer. This innovative technology uses electromagnetic tracking, and fuses MRI imaging and ultrasound images to pinpoint tiny lesions in the prostate. The precision of the UroNav eliminates the need for multiple random biopsies in diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer and helps detect aggressive tumors that may have otherwise been missed, leading to early detection and better overall health.

Mr. Kane has been a member of Piedmont Healthcare Foundation Board for over 10 years.

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