Barber Team

Barber TeamWhen a grateful patient started the Barber Breast Cancer Fund in 2017, the goal was not only to recognize Dr. William Barber for his compassionate care and innovative techniques but also to support Breast Cancer Services at Piedmont Atlanta. Today, in conjunction with the Thomas F. Chapman Family Cancer Wellness program, the Barber Fund continues to address the current needs of breast cancer patients in our community.

"The daughter of one of my best friends had breast cancer, and Dr. Barber was her surgeon," said Diane, a patient who learned about Dr. Barber through association. "When I got my diagnosis, at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, I called my friend and asked her who her daughter used and called Dr. Barber. He was and is wonderful. Very honest and forthright, reassuring, and supportive. He answered all my questions immediately, explained my diagnosis in detail and terms I could understand, the same with my options."

With additional support from other grateful patients, the fund continues to grow, ensuring that Piedmont has additional resources to provide innovative treatment options and support for breast cancer patients.

One educational resource is the lecture series presented by the Barber team of physicians, nurses, and clinical psychologists. As a former teacher for 35 years, Gail appreciated being under the care of a physician who recognizes that even when people are sick, they need to understand how they can deal with their sickness. "I attended the lecture series to learn about what I can do to help myself. You can't expect your doctors to do everything; you have to get educated on what you can do for yourself."

Gail, a patient of Dr. Barber, said, "I invite my support group to go with me because I think they learn a lot. Dr. Barber and his team empower people. I have triple negative metastasizing breast cancer. I wasn't supposed to be here."

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