Community Health Needs Assessments

In Fiscal Year 2016, Piedmont Healthcare hospitals undertook their community health needs assessments (CHNAs), which are the both the activities and products of identifying and prioritizing the community's health needs. We did this by talking to community stakeholders, analyzing relevant public health and hospital data, and seeing where we could make the most impact in our neighborhoods and city.

From there, we prioritized the health needs we were best able to address, and we will develop a three-year strategy to undertake that work in October 2016. The top priorities we’ll work on over the next three years, as defined in the 2016 CHNAs are:

  • Maintain and, when possible, increase access to appropriate and affordable care for low- and no-income patients, including increased efforts at eliminating health disparities
  • Reduce preventable readmissions and emergency department re-encounters, particularly among high-risk patients, with a focus on chronic disease management
  • Increase access to and awareness of cancer-related programming, including lung cancer screenings and low-cost mammograms to qualifying women through partnership programs
  • Reduce preventable instances of heart disease, hypertension, obesity and stroke through educational awareness and promotion of healthy behaviors, including efforts to reduce tobacco use
  • Increase efforts around senior health

Once we finalized the CHNAs, and in partnership with our seven primary communities, we crafted Implementation Strategies to address those prioritized needs, with an end goal of bettering community health, and particularly the health of those most vulnerable. The individual Piedmont Healthcare hospitals’ boards of directors approved the CHNAs and Implementation Strategies in May and September, respectively.

2016 Community Health Needs Assessments documents: