Heart Transplant Surgery

Nearly 5.7 million Americans live with heart failure, and 670,000 new cases are diagnosed yearly. Heart failure is when the heart cannot pump enough oxygen-rich blood to meet the needs of the body's other organs. While some medical and surgical procedures can help heal an unhealthy heart, for some patients, the best option is a heart transplant.

Explore the Transplant Journey

Piedmont Heart Transplant's program is built on a multidisciplinary approach - a team of heart transplant surgeons, heart transplant cardiologists, nurse clinicians, social workers, administrators, psychiatrists and dieticians all working together to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Living with a transplanted heart is a lifelong process. Frequent visits and contact with the transplant team are essential, and we provide support every step of the way in your transplant journey, so you can focus on recovery and rehabilitation.

Piedmont Transplant in Atlanta pioneers many procedures in transplant surgery, and our programs consistently rank among the best in the Southeast and across the country.

For more information regarding our heart transplant program, call 404-605-1964.

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