Your Healthcare Team at Piedmont Spine Center

During your care at Piedmont Hospital, a skilled team of healthcare professionals will care for you, guide your recovery and provide education.  This team has been specially trained for spinal care and includes the following members.



Spine Center Nurse

The Spine Center Nurse is dedicated exclusively to the patients of the Piedmont Spine Center. This nurse serves as a liaison between the surgeon and the hospital and can assist the patient in determining both pre-operative and postoperative needs related to his or her spine surgery. The Spine Center nurse can also teach the patient and caregiver how to incorporate proper body mechanics and spine precautions into the patient's everyday lifestyle. To contact the Spine Center nurse, please call 404.605.4230.

Specialized Nursing Staff

Our nurses are experienced in caring for patients with spinal disorders. During your stay, they will implement your doctor's orders, provide you with education and instructions and coordinate daily activities.

Clinical Partner

Our clinical partners, also known as nursing assistants, work closely with the nurses to provide your care. The clinical partners will check your blood pressure and other vital signs, assist you in walking after your surgery, and assist you with other tasks throughout your hospital stay.

Physical and Occupational Therapists

Our therapists work to improve function and independence with walking and activities of daily living while using optimal body mechanics.  Additionally, the therapist may instruct patients in specific exercises to strengthen, regain range of motion, relearn movement and/or rehabilitate the musculoskeletal system.

Registered Dietitians

Our nutrition specialists help spine patients understand the importance of maintaining the proper weight through a healthy diet.

Patient Care Coordinators (PCC)

For our inpatients, these licensed social workers or registered nurses work closely with you and your family to assist you in dealing with the problems that sometimes accompany illness and surgery after hospitalization. Our Patient care coordinators, sometimes referred to as case managers, arrange post-hospital care services, educate patients and families on discharge options, provide insurance companies information and offer referrals to community resources such as home healthcare, Meals on Wheels, medical equipment, senior services, private duty caregivers and nursing home placement. Please refer to the Resource Directory for more information.

Spine Coach

Your spine coach is an individual that you, the patient, designate – such as your spouse, friend or family member. The designated support person provides help and encouragement as you prepare for surgery and complete the recovery process.

Source:  Piedmont Spine Surgery Patient Education Guide

This information is an educational tool, but is not intended to replace medical or professional advice.

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