What to Bring to the Hospital

  • The Spine Surgery Patient Education Guide and Pathway to Healing specific to your type of spine surgery.
  • Any information you received pre-operatively regarding your surgery and hospitalization.
  • Loose and comfortable clothes. Consider the type of spine surgery that you have when choosing clothes to bring to the hospital.
  • If your surgery requires you to wear a lumbar brace, we recommend a cotton T-shirt to wear under your brace and, if you would like, a comfortable shirt to wear over your lumbar brace.
  • Bring proper attire to walk in the halls after surgery and for discharge home. For example, a short robe and/or loose-fitting T-shirt, shorts or pants.
  • Proper footwear for walking after surgery, such as shoe-like slippers with rubber soles, walking shoes with rubber soles or hospital slippers that will be provided for you.
  • A current list of your medications, including dosages (number and when to take).
  • If you have one, your advanced directives (living will, power of attorney). Otherwise, the hospital can provide the appropriate forms.
  • Your Social Security number and insurance information. The hospital will bill your insurance company directly.
  • Personal care items including toothbrush, toothpaste, denture cleaner, comb, brush, skin care products, deodorant, make-up and shaving kit.
  • Glasses, contact lenses or hearing aids, as well as their storage containers.
  • Something to pass the time (reading materials, a radio, money for the newspaper).
  • Personal CPAP equipment if you use a CPAP machine while sleeping.
  • WiFi is available in certain hospital areas if you or your visitors choose to bring a laptop computer.

DO NOT bring valuables! Piedmont Hospital cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items. Please leave valuables at home or with your family.

Source:  Piedmont Spine Surgery Patient Education Guide

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