Patient-Centered Medical Home

The idea of a Patient-Centered Medical Home is an innovative concept with the goal of improving primary care for patients. As the number of primary care doctors continues to decrease, it can be hard for some patients to find the doctors – and the care – they need.



Together, Piedmont Physicians Group and Cigna bring medical Home to our patients.

With Medical Home, a team of healthcare providers – such as doctors, registered nurses or “health coaches” – work together with patients, empowering them to take control of their health & help access = resources they need. A patient’s care is coordinated among their primary care physician as well as specialists and health coaches to provide guidance to patients Health professionals use advanced technologies to track test results, ensure prescriptions are filled, monitor patient care and get clinical support when needed.

Simply put, the Medical Home team approach empowers patients and their families to take charge of their own healthcare. The most important part of the team is you, the patient.


Your Team

The doctors, nurses and health professionals that make up our care teams are dedicated to coordinating and providing better access to more timely and comprehensive holistic care. Our team ensures every patient get’s the individual attention they need, including:

  • All the time you need to ask questions, without ever feeling rushed
  • Full explanations of all aspect of your health including available care options
  • Complete information and expert opinions you need to decide what care is best for you
  • An open channel for regular feedback


Your Role

Medical Home is focused on your health and well-being. Therefore, as a patient it is important to understand your part.

Communication: You know better than anyone else what is going on with your body. It is your responsibility to be open with your doctor. Remember to share information about existing health conditions and give feedback. Be an advocate for yourself. Be sure to bring your updated medication list to all doctor’s appointments.

Self-Management: You must be committed to your own wellness and take steps to positively transform your healthcare routine. Medical home works best when patients work closely with their doctor and health coach to make it the best possible relationship.

Honesty and Trust: This is the foundation of a successful patient-centered medical home. You must trust your doctor and be able to openly discuss any medical issues that you are experiencing.



Is Medical Home a place?

No, Medical Home is actually a collaborative effort between the doctor, patient and other specialists in helping to manage care.

Why have we chosen to make this change?

Piedmont Physicians Group (PPG) has always been committed to providing the perfect balance between health and care to patients and the community. This change has been made to help improve patient care and reduce burdens of long-term medical costs.

Will anything change with the way I currently see my doctor?

No, you will still see the same PPG doctor you have always seen. However, there is a new addition to our current health care team, our health coaches. They may be contacting you on an outpatient basis.

What do I need to do?

You are the most important member to your healthcare team. Taking an active role and making lifestyle changes to improve your overall health is the key to the success of your Medical Home. We are here to help you achieve your goals and take better care of yourself.

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