Empowering You Patient Story

Harrison, Mandy Martin, and Mattee BarkdollHarrison, a Clarke County resident, was unable to leave his home due to complications with navigating his manual wheelchair down his front steps unassisted.

Harrison encountered a stroke that left him with paralysis on the left side of his body as well as a below the knee amputation. He had a limited support system and was experiencing social isolation. Mandy Martin, Piedmont Population Health Care Manager, and Mattee Barkdoll, Piedmont Sixty Plus Services LCSW were in place to serve as supportive partners for Harrison as he manages his healthcare needs. It was evident that a new ramp would be an extremely helpful addition to Harrison’s home, one that would provide him with an added level of independence and self-sufficiency. Funding a new ramp was a concern, and commonly used programs and resources were not readily available due to unavoidable circumstances.

Mandy and Mattee worked their grassroots magic. They received enough anonymous donations and local non-profit assistance to cover the cost of the ramp. In addition, they were also able to get him a motorized wheelchair. Now, with his new wheelchair and his accessible ramp, he is able to leave his home and has an improved sense of well-being. He also began attending a local Adult Day Health program so he no longer has to be alone.

Their story exemplifies how collaboration within the Piedmont team, and having access to community resources, helps us provide our patients with a one-of-a-kind; patient-centered experience. Our Piedmont Empowering You tool grants our employees and patients access to opportunities that can truly have a positive impact on those we serve. Thank you Mattee, Mandy, and our entire workforce for committing to providing meaningful solutions for our patients and their families.

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