Woman's Auxiliary at Piedmont Atlanta

The Woman's Auxiliary of Piedmont Atlanta Hospital is an invaluable resource to the hospital. In addition to operating the Gift Shop and Cheer Cart - two services that delight our patients and visitors - the Auxiliary coordinates selfless volunteers who serve throughout the Hospital.

Volunteers known as "Pink Ladies" sponsor the Piedmont Ball and the annual Celebration of Love Tree. Their tireless efforts help raise the funds that help us offer state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to our patients. The Pink Ladies also deliver mail, gifts and flowers to patients' rooms, adding a personal touch.

In addition to the Woman's Auxiliary, Piedmont Pathfinders assist visitors and outpatients with wayfinding around our large campus. (Call 404-605-3273 for more information and a Pathfinder application.)

Teens can donate their time and energy as well. We welcome junior volunteers ("candystripers" dressed in red-and-white-striped pinafores) to join the hospital during the summer.

To make a gift of your time and energy, call 404-605-3273 and ask about volunteer opportunities at Piedmont.

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