Piedmont Augusta Outpatient Surgical Services

Not all surgical procedures require hospitalization, and Piedmont Augusta offers the following centers for your outpatient surgical needs.

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Surgical Services

Second floor
Main Hospital
1350 Walton Way
Augusta, GA 30901

Endoscopy Suite

Second Floor
Main Hospital
1350 Walton Way
Augusta, GA 30901

Day Surgery Center

818 St. Sebastian Way
Augusta, GA 30901

Endoscopy Suite

Piedmont Augusta has seven endoscopy procedure rooms and 12 pre- and post-procedure bays designed to maximize patient privacy, comfort and dignity while providing state-of-the-art medical technology to assist in procedures. Specialized nurses remain at the bedside to assist with the procedure and provide care for the patient.

Endoscopy means to view with the aid of a scope. An endoscope is a flexible device in which modern fiber-optic technology enables the physician to look inside the gastrointestinal tract or lungs without making an incision. The device can make color photographs to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of various disorders of the digestive and pulmonary systems. Patients receive sedation during the procedure, which takes 15-60 minutes. Piedmont Augusta also offers:

Pillcam small bowel - The patient swallows a vitamin-sized camera that takes pictures to aid the physician in diagnosing diseases of the small bowel.

Esophageal manometry - The Manoscan 360 assists in diagnosing motor function problems from the pharynx to the stomach.

Piedmont Augusta's Day Surgery Center

Nationally, more than 20 million procedures are performed annually on an outpatient basis, made possible by tremendous technological advances and rapid-acting drugs and anesthetics that reduce surgery and recovery time. 

Patients having procedures performed through the Day Surgery Center are admitted first thing in the morning and discharged that afternoon to recover at home. Piedmont Augusta's Day Surgery Center-Main Campus is adjacent to the main hospital. It features five operating rooms, two-day surgery minor rooms, a 10-bay recovery unit and 16 pre-operative recovery rooms.      

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