CV and Stroke Care Conference Presentations

Thank you attending our Cardiac, Vascular, and Stroke Care Conference.


Review the presentations through the links below.

Professional Resources

Game Strategy: High Intensity Statin Therapy After Stroke
Kofi M. Osei, MD | Piedmont Athens Regional

Kickoff: Women and Cardiovascular Disease
Jyoti Sharma, MD | Piedmont Heart Institute Atlanta

Tackling CHF at PAR
Kate Connell, MPH | Piedmont Athens Regional
Melinda Jenkins, RN, CHF NP | Piedmont Athens Regional
Catherine N. Marti MD, MSc | Piedmont Heart Institute - Athens

Fumble Recovery: The Critical Role of Cardiac Rehab
Jonathan Murrow, MD | Piedmont Heart Institute – Athens

Intercepting: PAD
Jonathan Woody, MD | University Surgical Vascular

3rd Down Conversion: Seizures as a Consequence of Stroke
Denise Taylor, DO | Athens Neurological Associates

Prevent Defense: Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion
Benjamin Holland, MD | Piedmont Heart Institute - Athens

Hail Mary: Percutaneous Mitral Valve Repair
Khan Pohlel, MD | Piedmont Heart Institute - Athens

4th and Goal To Go: "How Low Should We Go?" Evaluating New Lipid Lowering Therapies
Catherine Reibitch, Pharm D | UGA College of Pharmacy