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Vegetables: Disease-fighting superfoods

"Vegetables are exciting because they're gorgeous, colorful and represent every [color] from the rainbow," says Jenny Levison, chef and owner of Souper Jenny.

Anti-inflammatory properties of vegetables

Colorful and versatile, vegetables fight disease-causing inflammation.

"So many vegetables, especially the green, orange and red ones, have properties that are going to help your inflammation," says Levison. "You can decrease your chance of disease, from the smallest thing like a headache or feeling achy and sore, to something more serious."

Here's how to veg out:

"Most Americans don't get enough vegetables in their diet, [but] it's so easy," she says.

Vegetables aren't just for salads

You don't have to feast on a super-sized salad to get the benefits.

"Soup is really how I started, way back when. It's the best way to get a ton of vegetables in your diet. With vegetables that may not be beautiful enough for a salad, I'd chop them up and throw them all in the soup pot with a little vegetable stock and you've got five servings of vegetables right in front of your face."

Salads: The more color, the better

When it comes to vegetables, Levison's more-is-more philosophy also applies to salads.

"I'm constantly trying to create salads with as many different colors, which is going to have a huge variety of your vitamins, minerals, everything you need in it," she says.

Nutritious eating: Here to stay

The healthy eating trend is definitely here to stay, says the chef.

"People are becoming more knowledgeable and inquisitive about where their food comes from. There are so many things you can do with vegetables. It's much easier than people think."

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