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The health benefits of drumming

Drumming is a great source of fun and self-expression. And recently, studies have shown that drumming can be therapeutic for patients.

“Scientifically it’s been proven that playing drums for one hour a week raises the T-cell levels in the body that fight the cancer," says Peter Marino, a musician at Thomas F. Chapman Family Cancer Wellness at Piedmont. “So in addition to having a good time and learning to play the drums, you’re also fighting the cancer in a much more dramatic way.”

Drumming is also a great way for patients to alleviate stress.

“Anything you focus on is going to take hold in your life,” says Marino. “So if you focus on the pain or anxiety, you’re going to feel more stressful. Drumming allows people to focus on something outside of themselves for a while. And consequently, it relieves that pain and anxiety and stress level.”

Cancer Wellness programs are offered free to Piedmont patients and anyone in the community affected by cancer, thanks to the generous support of donors. For more information about these programs, visit Cancer Wellness

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