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The best fall organization tips

Has the shift in seasons inspired you to organize your spaces and priorities? Fall can be the perfect time of year to recalibrate.

“The energy of change is here,” says Angela Buttimer, MS, NCC, RYT, LPC, a licensed psychotherapist at Cancer Wellness at Piedmont. “We get those beautiful seasons here in Georgia, and it really does inspire people to make change.”

What’s more, she says, cleaning and decluttering can benefit your mood. Reviewing the items and habits that no longer serve you can lead to a more mindful perspective.

“It’s a move from autopilot to being awake in your life,” Buttimer says.

But what are the best ways to start? Here are some of Buttimer’s tips for organizing your life, routines and spaces this fall.

Discard items you no longer use or enjoy

Buttimer recommends the Marie Kondo approach to decluttering: If it doesn’t bring you joy, you don’t need it in your life anymore. Consider recycling broken items or donating gently used clothing.

“Ask yourself when you last used it or wore it,” Buttimer says. “If it’s longer than a year, let it go.”

Rearrange your wardrobe

With cooler weather starting, there’s no need to clutter your closet with shorts and tank tops anymore. Move out-of-season clothing to another area of your closet or into a storage unit, Buttimer says. You’ll have an easier time finding the items you do need for fall and winter, leading to less stress and more organization.

Design a better morning routine

Good morning habits can improve your energy all day long, Buttimer says. Instead of checking your phone first thing in the morning, try taking 15 to 30 minutes for yourself before diving into the digital world. You may want to read, meditate or exercise.

“That can set your tone for the day,” Buttimer says.

Create small, manageable goals

Big dreams are great, but you won’t get there overnight. A helpful way to stay on track is by creating bite-sized goals that forge a path toward larger ones, Buttimer says.

If you want to begin an exercise routine but feel overwhelmed, for example, consider small goals like finding a running partner and buying the right shoes first.

Remember why you’re changing your habits

“As human beings, we can become very complacent,” Buttimer says. “We don’t like change as a rule.”

So while you may start off with the best intentions for organization, they can quickly fall to the wayside. Keep your larger ambitions in mind: Do you want to reduce stress? Become more responsible? Take better care of yourself?

These broader aspirations can propel you to stick with new habits, Buttimer says.

“If you don’t have the glue, you won’t succeed,” she says. “You need a reason.”

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