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Radio legend Kaedy Kiely finds community through cancer diagnosis

"My breast cancer diagnosis was a little bit different,” says radio personality Kaedy Kiely. “I didn’t quite find it by myself.”

Kiely had recently had an appointment with her gynecologist. During the clinical breast exam, her doctor hesitated on an area near her underarm.

“I watched her very carefully and she just went on, so I knew whatever it was, was nothing,” she says.

A few weeks later when Kiely was in the shower, she found a lump in the exact place on which her physician had hesitated. The lump was prominent.

“Just that quickly, it had changed,” she says.

Kiely met with a breast cancer surgeon and learned the tumor needed to be removed as soon as possible.

“Surgery was a breeze,” she says. “My doctor was so happy. It was good news after good news, except for the fact that I did have to have chemotherapy.”

Cancer Wellness and the healing process

After surgery, Kiely began exploring classes at Thomas F. Chapman Family Cancer Wellness at Piedmont.

“It was the greatest thing ever,” she says. “They offer so many programs to help me and many other people with all different kinds of cancer.”

She joined PINK at Piedmont, a 12-week group program to support breast cancer patients emotionally, mentally and physically.

“You do workouts together, you take cooking classes together,” she says. “Those are so much fun, plus you get to eat great food.”

She also tried Cancer Wellness’ relaxation and yoga classes.

As a bonus, caregivers are also welcome to join the complimentary classes at Cancer Wellness.

“If there’s anything you feel uncomfortable about, you can bring your mom, your sister, your husband – whoever it is you want to bring with you,” says Kiely. “It’s an incredible community of folks, especially at Piedmont. I’ve got to say, it’s just my favorite place. I love being there.”

Click here to learn more about Cancer Wellness at Piedmont. 

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