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Breast Health

Q&A: Everything you wanted to know about your breasts

Are firming creams effective? Can exercise really lift sagging breasts? Breast surgeon Nicole Sroka, M.D. sets the record straight in this question-and-answer session.

1. Why do breasts sag with age?

Dr. Sroka: Ligaments and skin stretch over time since there are no bones supporting the breast tissue.

Breast sagging is common as women go through menopause. Because of lack of estrogen in the body, the breasts are no longer prepared to produce milk. The connective tissue becomes inelastic and dehydrated, and breast tissue shrinks and loses shape.

2. Is it important to wear a supportive bra each day and while exercising?

Dr. Sroka: Yes. Breasts don’t have a good internal support system. The lack of external support, like a bra, can lead to inflammation and pain.

Click here to read tips for choosing a well-fitting bra.

3. Are cosmetic breast creams effective at reducing sagging?

Dr. Sroka: Skincare is great overall, but this does not change the natural progression of breasts that will eventually sag.

Prevent age spots and wrinkles with a  daily application of sunscreen.

4. Can certain exercises prevent breasts from sagging?

Dr. Sroka: No!

Regular workouts are a key to maintaining a healthy weight and toned appearance. While no exercises can tone or lift the breasts, staying fit will improve your overall appearance. Click here for workout moves you can try at the gym or at home.

5. How often should I do a breast self-exam?

Dr. Sroka: Monthly, right after your menstrual cycle.

Learn how to do a self-exam here.

6. What are the signs should I see a doctor regarding my breast health?

Dr. Sroka: The following are general guidelines:  If you find a nodule and it lasts for four to six weeks, and you are pre-menopausal then you should seek medical attention.  If you are post- menopausal you should seek medical attention immediately.

For more information or to find a physician near you, visit Piedmont Women’s Services

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