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Pain-free after spine surgery

Patient immediately pain-free after spine surgery

“I began having problems with my back about two years ago,” says Joe Troutman, a lumbar fusion patient at Piedmont Spine Center. “It was pain in the lower region of the spine.”

After discussing the pain with his primary care physician, Troutman was referred to a neurologist. The neurologist then recommended that he see neurosurgeon David Benglis, M.D. “I met Dr. Benglis and was very pleased with him right from the beginning,” he says. Dr. Benglis told Troutman he was a candidate for surgery.

“The pain that I experienced was severe and it was from my waist down to my ankles,” he says. “It was shooting pain, even crippling at times. Sometimes I could not walk unless I had taken some medication.” While Troutman was initially fearful about having surgery, Dr. Benglis and his staff put him at ease. “At Dr. Benglis’ office, they were so wonderful about preparation. I knew what was going to happen, so I was prepared emotionally, which I think is quite important,” he says. “I trusted what Dr. Benglis said, that it would be his skills and with the help of God, which was very comforting.”

Spine Surgery Success

“The instant I was out of the recovery room, all of the pain in my legs was gone,” says Troutman, who was so pleased with the results that he was nearly in tears. “After two long years of suffering, in just four hours that part of the pain was gone,” he says. “It was a real blessing.” After spending two years with intense pain that often made walking a challenge, Troutman says, “it’s as if I have new horizons and a new perspective on life.”

On a scale of one to five, with five being the highest pain level, his pain post-surgery is now less than a one. “It just makes such a world of difference in how I view myself and the confidence I have regained,” he says. “The quality of life has improved substantially for me.” For more information about lumbar fusions, visit the Piedmont Spine Center.

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