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Mindful chair yoga practice (54-minute class)

Whether you have an injury, are undergoing medical treatment or are sitting at a desk all day, this chair yoga routine will help you get moving and release tension. Dennis Buttimer, a facilitator at Cancer Wellness at Piedmont, leads a series of yoga moves for relaxation, flexibility and range of motion.

You will need the following:

  • Chair, preferably without arms

  • Yoga strap, belt or scarf

  • Yoga block or book

  • Bolster or pillow

Chair yoga poses

  • Opening savasana

  • Yogic breathing

  • Opening energy stretch

  • Mountain pose

  • Circling

  • Hip opener

  • Leg extensions

  • Shoulder stretch

  • Shoulder rolls

  • Chest/shoulder opener

  • Elbow joint release

  • Neck opener

  • Twist

  • Side stretch

  • Shoulder stretch with strap

  • Seated forward bend

  • Child’s pose

  • Tree pose

  • Downward-facing dog

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