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Men and aging: 3 tips for more energy and better health

“A lot of times, we hear the very basic, fundamental, important things we’re supposed to do on a daily basis – so much that we forget it’s really important,” says Ken Ricci, D.O., a primary care physician at Piedmont.

Dr. Ricci says there are three key things every man can do to effectively manage his health.

1. Eat properly

Proper nutrition will help you maintain and/or lose weight and burn fat more effectively.

“We know that just by eating healthfully, we reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes,” he says. “Some people think proper eating will help reduce the risk of inflammation, which can be related to cancer.”

2. Exercise effectively

Some forms of exercise are more effective than others. If your doctor has given you clearance for exercise, high-intensity exercise may be your best bet.

“High-intensity exercise burns fat more effectively for most people when you compare it to moderately-intense activity,” he explains.

3. Get a good night’s sleep

“Getting a good night’s sleep is important, but it’s so elusive for a lot of us,” says Dr. Ricci.

Not only will you feel better when you sleep well, but you’ll be doing your health a favor.

“When you sleep soundly and deeply, your body secretes growth hormone, which can help your energy, vitality, muscles, strength, stamina and skin,” he says. “There are a number of benefits associated with proper secretion of growth hormone.”

The bottom line

“If you can do those things better and more consistently than you’ve done before, you’re going to feel better,” he says. “Taking those single steps toward that goal will enable you to continue along that path and you’re going to see good results from doing it.”

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