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New Year's resolution vision board

How to create a New Year's resolution vision board

A new year brings new desires, dreams and inspirations. Creating a New Year’s resolution vision board is a powerful way to visualize all of the things you want to do, be and have in your life. It also serves as a daily reminder of your goals and is a great way to hold yourself accountable.

The science behind vision boards

The Law of Attraction, which gained popularity from the book The Secret, states that we attract whatever we think about, good or bad. When you repeatedly visualize what you want, imagining the feeling you get when you’ve already accomplished your goal, you train your subconscious mind to believe that achieving that goal is possible. And your desired results may actually manifest.

Once you've visualized your goals in your mind, it's time to illustrate them on paper.  

Supplies you will need

· Poster board

· A stack of magazines

· Glue sticks

· Markers

5 steps to creating a vision board

1.     Set your intentions. Taking away all obstacles, imagine what is possible in your life. If you had 10 times more courage, time, or resources, what would you do? Engage in a timed-writing exercise, jotting down these thoughts.

2.     Guided meditation. Quietly sit and reflect on the intentions you have identified. Visualize them and feel them.

3.     Hands-on design. Go through magazines and tear out images, phrases and words that speak to you. Once you are satisfied with what you have collected, lay them out and see which ones resonate with you. Glue those to your board. Add your own words or draw pictures wherever there is white space. The goal is to capture your intentions.

4.     Speak aloud. Once you have completed your board, step back and study it for a few minutes. Then, speak your intentions out loud and make a commitment to live out these intentions.

5.     Display. Hang your vision board in your home or office — somewhere you will see it daily as a reminder of your visions and dreams for your life.

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