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Food that helps beat sugar cravings

"I consider fruits a very healthy option," says Myrna Perez-Cifuentes, owner of LottaFrutta, a gourmet fruit house and market in Atlanta. "They are rich in vitamin C, zinc, calcium, vitamin A and fiber."

Fresh fruit is particularly healthy because it isn't processed.

"The mechanics of the body cannot work on processed foods alone," she says, noting that fiber in fruit helps keep the body's digestive system running smoothly.

A healthy substitute for sugar

 "Raw fruit is my favorite substitute for sugar," says Perez-Cifuentes. "One of the most wonderful substitutions that can replace that need for sugar is papaya, watermelon, strawberries and mango."

If you swap processed, sugary foods like donuts, cookies, pie and cake for fresh fruit, you'll soon start to notice you don't crave sweet junk food as much as you once did.

Organic vs. regular fruit

"Organic is a great way to go, but sometimes the price point can be high, depending on the season," she says. "Strawberries are a very porous fruit and they absorb a lot of pesticides, so when you're out at the market, look for organic strawberries."

For a handy guide on when to buy organic produce, click here.

If you can't find or afford organic fruit, no problem! Just make sure you're eating some type of fresh fruit. Not only is it great for you, it's fun to eat, says Perez-Cifuentes.

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