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50 things to do instead of drinking

Want to drink less or not at all in the new year? Boredom can be a surprising culprit behind drinking habits.

Here are some ideas for alternative activities next time you’re thinking about pouring yourself a glass.

  1. Ride a bicycle.
  2. Go for a walk.
  3. Meet a friend for lunch.
  4. Read a book.
  5. Play a board game.
  6. Try a new nonalcoholic drink.
  7. Attend an exercise class.
  8. Organize old photos, albums or books.
  9. Cook dinner.
  10. Bake cookies.
  11. Volunteer in your community.
  12. Write a kind thank-you note.
  13. Play with your pet.  
  14. Binge a few episodes of a favorite TV show.
  15. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile.
  16. Pick up a new hobby through classes or online tutorials.
  17. Collect items from around your home for donation.
  18. Go for a run.
  19. Play a game with your child.
  20. Clean your home.
  21. Meditate or pray.
  22. Learn a new language with books or an app.
  23. Try at-home exercises like crunches or planks.
  24. Help your child with their homework.
  25. Clean out your car.
  26. Print and frame digital photos from your phone.
  27. Take a nap.
  28. Go to the movies.
  29. Meal-prep lunches for the workweek.
  30. Catch up on errands like laundry.
  31. Walk your dog.  
  32. Finish a home-improvement project.
  33. Call an elderly relative.
  34. Plant a garden in your yard (or join a community garden).
  35. Write in a journal.
  36. Do a crossword puzzle.
  37. Plan a vacation (or staycation).
  38. Make it an early night and head to bed.
  39. Stream a movie online.
  40. Run yourself a hot bath.
  41. Catch up on your favorite podcast.
  42. Take yourself out for ice cream.  
  43. Brew a pot of tea.
  44. Put together a jigsaw puzzle.
  45. Write a poem.
  46. Try mindfulness techniques.
  47. Catch up on budgeting for the month.
  48. Visit a local museum.
  49. Update or polish your resume.
  50. Practice yoga.


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