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4 healthy spices you need in your kitchen

Living Real Change teamed up with Atlanta Eats and some of the hottest tastemakers in town to share quick tips for making your life healthier, happier and more delicious.

"Spices are compacted energy - little concentrated forms of nutritional benefits," says Chef Tyler Williams. "When you want to build complex flavors, add more spices so you don’t have to rely on things like salt, oil, or sugars as much."  

Even better, you increase the health benefits of your food.

Four super-healthy spices

Chef Williams recommends four spices for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties:

  • Cinnamon. Cinnamon is good for people with early stages of diabetes, because it helps balance blood sugar levels, he says. Get creative with how you incorporate the spice into your diet: Grate cinnamon into your coffee or over fresh fruit.
  • Turmeric. “Turmeric is fantastic for staving off all sorts of illness,” says Williams. “Put a big scoop of turmeric into your chicken noodle soup.” It’s also one of the few spices he recommends in powdered form.
  • Garlic. “Garlic needs to be broken down to release its anti-inflammatory properties,” he explains. “If you cook it right away after you peel the garlic, it doesn’t have time to build those properties.” Let garlic sit for a few minutes after peeling it for maximum benefits.
  • Ginger. “I think everybody knows ginger is good for an upset stomach,” says Williams. He suggests shaving antioxidant-rich fresh ginger over fruit, steeping it in tea or stewing it in beans.

“When I started to explore the world of spices, I was able to stop relying on things like cream and butter,” says Chef Williams.

Not only are spices healthy, he says he feels like using them makes food more interesting and elegant.

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