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Kids celebrating Halloween

10 ways to have a healthy Halloween

If you are planning to celebrate Halloween, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have a list of wonderful tips that will help you and your trick-or-treaters stay safe. No matter what your plans are, we have you covered.

Throwing a Halloween party?

  • Offer healthy snack options as well as sweet treats. Veggies and dip, sliced fruit with caramel dip and popcorn are all healthy alternatives to candies and baked goods.

  • Offer non-food items as party favors and prizes, such as coloring books and small toys for young children or gift cards for older children.

Handing out goodies to trick-or-treaters?

  • Again, consider offering less sugary options in lieu of traditional candy, like fruit or non-food trinkets.

  • Be aware that parents will often throw out anything that is unwrapped or not in a factory-sealed package, so unless visiting trick-or-treaters know your family well, steer clear of passing out unwrapped treats.

  • Make sure your home and walkways are well-lit and clear of debris that could trip visitors.

Making the trick-or-treating rounds with the kids?

  • Bring a flashlight! As daylight savings time approaches, it gets darker earlier than you think, so keep a flashlight handy.

  • Make sure your kids can safely walk in and see out of their costumes.

  • Encourage trick-or-treaters to walk, not run, and be aware of their surroundings at all times, especially when crossing the street.

  • Examine all treats before letting your kids consume them – throw away any unwrapped food unless you know the person it came from.

  • Allot a small portion of candy your children can enjoy each day – if they eat all of their candy Halloween night, they could get a stomachache.

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