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How to make Greek yogurt

Have you ever wondered how Greek yogurt is made? Ron Marks, chef and owner of Atlanta Fresh Artisan Creamery, walks us through the process.

“True Greek yogurt is what is called strained yogurt,” Marks says. “We start with 300 gallons of milk per batch, but we finish with 100 gallons of Greek yogurt. After the yogurt has been cultured, and the whey is strained off, what’s left is a very concentrated mixture of milk solids and protein.  And that’s what comprises Greek yogurt.”

Marks says they use a blend of five different probiotic cultures in their Greek yogurt.

“Probiotics are good for your gut genome in terms of digestive health,” Marks explains. “They help keep you healthy and are good for your immune system.”  

Greek yogurt is a good substitute for higher fat dairy products, like sour cream, spreads and dips. The texture is such that it is great for cooking, dips or baking.

How to choose the right Greek yogurt

When you are at the grocery store trying to find the right Greek yogurt, make sure you look at the label on the container.

“A true Greek yogurt will only have two ingredients: milk and cultures,” Marks says. “If you see other ingredients, like starches and gums, it’s not true Greek yogurt.” 

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