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Cancer Wellness helps patients cope, gives them hope

Wendy Binns found out she had cancer on September 20,  2011, after her mammogram raised concerns and biopsies came back as invasive ductal carcinoma. “Initially, I just felt stunned and overwhelmed,” she remembers. “And I was scared.” Wendy says she had a lot to learn on her cancer journey, but got back on her feet pretty quickly, thanks to her confidence in her doctors and Cancer Wellness at Piedmont.

“I met some friends. And then I felt this comfort. I was motivated and started to get a handle of the situation,” she says. Wendy learned about the Cancer Wellness program from one of the nurses at her oncologist’s office. The first class she tried was the Look Good, Feel Better class. “The women’s group was meeting for dinner after the class, and so I stayed for that. I immediately met a couple of women. We were able to share stories about our situation and kind of give each other tips. I just felt this sense of ease and camaraderie.”

She says one of her favorite classes was a cooking demonstration with Chef Nancy Waldeck. “It was an anti-inflammatory meal that we had, and it was really fun sitting with everybody. And again, I was learning so much.”

Today, Wendy says she feels great, and she attributes that to the Cancer Wellness program, the friends she made and what she learned along the way. “My advice for people with a cancer diagnosis is it can be a really dark time, but don’t despair. You’re alive today, and you can make the most of this day by making choices – walking into the Cancer Wellness center, going outside and getting fresh air and being around people who are alive and cheerful and embracing the day. And you can do this! I did it!”

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