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Two women drinking wine.

Can organic wine prevent a hangover?

“Natural and organic wines have become very popular lately,” says Craig Richards, the executive chef at St. Cecilia restaurant in Buckhead. “It’s more of a natural way of making wine.”

According to Chef Richards, organic wine may:

  • Have a wilder flavor profile
  • Be better for your body

“In conventional wine-making, there are a lot of additives that are added to the wine, whether it’s sugar or sulfites,” he explains. “Organic wines are lower in sulfites. Some people may not be allergic to sulfites, but they may be sensitive. What that means is you may have two glasses of wine and the next day you feel like you had 10. Since organic and natural wines are lower in sulfites, you are not going to have as much of that reaction in your body.”

So whether you choose white or red, organic wine may reduce your risk of a hangover if you are sensitive to sulfites.

Before you pour a glass, check out these tips for safely enjoying alcoholic beverages.

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