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Fitness devices

Can fitness devices help diagnose heart disease?

Are fitness devices the key to heart disease prevention? While the rates of obesity and heart disease are on the rise, so is America’s obsession with fitness. As people pay more attention to improving their well-being, the interest in fitness devices and apps has increased. But can they really be helpful in detecting heart disease?

There are numerous fitness apps that encourage individuals to remain active throughout the day by tracking steps. This also helps people achieve certain goals when jogging or running. Many of these apps also monitor heart rate. However, these apps and devices should be considered tools rather than true diagnostic tests.

One app in particular, being developed by researchers at Stanford, can be a valuable tool to help identify a potentially new cardiac problem or worsening condition in someone with a previously diagnosed heart disease. The app leverages mobile technology to evaluate the so-called six-minute walk test, which simply measures how far a person can walk in six minutes. This well-studied test has been shown to help predict the likelihood of hospitalization or even death in some cases. The same app can be used to assess a patient’s response to different treatments.

Fitness technology may increase your motivation

Consult with your physician to learn more about which apps can be incorporated into your lifestyle to help you achieve results that ultimately promote a better quality of life.

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