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10 tips for a healthy vacation

Summer is here and you’ve been looking forward to your time away from home. But don’t hit the road or take that flight without checking off these important items on our vacation checklist.

1. Medication

Don’t forget to pack any prescription and nonprescription medicine you are taking or may need to take. Keep it with you in case you are separated from your luggage.

2. Medical contacts

Carry the names and phone numbers of your healthcare providers and pharmacist.

3. Emergency contacts.

Have the names and numbers of your emergency contacts, and make sure they have all of your medical information.

4. Physician visit.

See your doctor before taking a long trip to make sure your health is ready for vacation.

5. First aid kit.

Always carry a small kit with basic medical supplies. The American Red Cross recommends these items.

6. Immunizations.

It’s a good idea to bring your immunization record. If travelling abroad, some countries may require vaccinations against various diseases.

7. Health record.

Bring a copy of your health record, which can help a healthcare provider determine the best treatment if you need medical attention.

8. Medical ID.

Carry some form of identification that states special medical needs or problems, such as drug allergies or being a diabetic or epileptic.

9. Insurance.

Have your medical insurance card. Know what will be covered if you are traveling “out of network.” Consider traveler’s insurance if going out of the country.

10. Consent-to-treat form.

If your children are not going with you, leave a signed emergency consent-to-treat form with their caretaker. A sample can be found here.

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