Patient Coordinator

At the Advanced Heart Failure Center, patient coordinators are specially trained cardiac clinicians (nurses and midlevel providers) who provide education and support, helpful information about hospital services and community resources, and serve as a link between you and your health care team. They understand that advanced heart failure issues are frightening and overwhelming, and are committed to providing you and your family with a personalized treatment path to provide a seamless and supportive patient experience. We offer a complete heart failure disease management program, including the most advanced therapies available.

Patient Coordinators Help You and Your Family with:

  • Understanding your diagnosis and treatment plan prescribed by your physician
  • Communicating with your doctor and health care team
  • Identifying questions to ask your health care professional
  • Connecting you to Piedmont Heart care providers
  • Linking you to cardiac and advanced heart resources and services at the hospital and in the community
  • Coordinating and scheduling appointments
  • Finding help with transportation and lodging
  • Getting answers to financial and insurance questions

Our Patient Coordinators provide personalized care throughout your entire journey and are available to you at no charge. We encourage you to call us at 404-605-5140 with your questions and to learn more about your diagnosis, treatments and services available to you.