Cancer Treatments

Piedmont Cancer specialists custom design treatment plans, based on a patient's overall health, medical history, cancer type and stage. Some cancer treatments include:



Our medical, surgical and radiation oncology teams work collaboratively to provide seamless cancer care with a personalized and caring approach.

Interventional Radiology

Piedmont's interventional radiologists provide cutting-edge treatments, including sub-specialized care, as one of the highest-volume and most comprehensive practices in the Southeastern U.S.

Medical Oncology

Our medical oncologists take an integrated approach to methodically destroy cancer cells, offering full-spectrum care and support to treat cancers with as few side effects as possible.


Piedmont Hospital offers one of the newest cutting-edge weapons for fighting cancer, NanoKnife, to destroy tumors with a minimally invasive approach.

Pain Management

At Piedmont Cancer Center, our specialists carefully evaluate your pain in order to approach your care in the most effective way to manage or eliminate pain that you may experience.

Radiation Therapy

Through a team approach to radiation treatment, we offer our patients expanded radiation therapy services for seamless coordination of care, better access to advanced therapies and greater convenience. 

Gamma Knife Radio Surgery

Neurosurgeons from Piedmont Hospital were the first in the Southeast to offer the Gamma Knife, the most precise non-surgical radiation treatment available for patients with inoperable brain tumors or vascular malformations.

External Beam Radiation Treatment

Piedmont offers the most innovative and technologically advanced external beam radiation treatments available in the world today with treatment planning based on 4-D images that are custom designed for each patient.

Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy

Piedmont has one of the most experienced SRT treatment teams in the U.S. to provide this ultra-precise form of treatment, providing results similar to surgery for patients whose tumors are considered inoperable.


When surgery is necessary for cancer treatment, Piedmont's goal is to balance minimally invasive surgical options with the most effective treatment possible.

Surgical Oncology

Our Surgical Oncology physicians provide highly skilled surgical expertise in more complicated cancer operations.