How a Lung Cancer Screening Works

Testing includes a low-dose CT scan, a review by a radiologist and consultation with our lung cancer nurse navigator. If the results of the test are abnormal*, our nurse navigator will arrange a follow-up evaluation. Additional testing may be required.

During the CT scan, the patient lies very still on a table connected to the CT scanner. The CT machine is shaped like a doughnut and the table slides through the doughnut in 20 seconds. No injections or medications are involved in the scan.

Once your scan is complete, your results will go to your referring physician and your nurse navigator, who will follow up with you via a phone call and a letter.

Even if your CT scan comes back normal, we recommend that you get a CT scan annually for the next two years, to be sure that nothing has developed. Your nurse navigator will guide you through the entire process and remind you when it is time for your next screening or for additional tests.

*Please note that 30 to 40 percent of lung cancer CT scans show abnormal results. Most of these results will be noncancerous (benign) but abnormal scans require close follow-up and further testing.

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