Your Personal Path For Brain Tumor Care

Larry and Betsy Orr: During this time the Orrs made a commitment to themselves and to Piedmont Hospital to establish a premier brain tumor center in Atlanta.

It's only natural that most patients are frightened and overwhelmed after hearing that they have a brain tumor. Our team is here to help navigate the maze of information, options and choices each patient faces after diagnosis. Our teams take a multidisciplinary approach to coordinate care, connecting medical personnel from different specialties to help diagnose and recommend the best treatment path for each patient.

Treatments for brain tumors can vary from person to person, which makes understanding a diagnosis and tumor type critical in deciding your own treatment path. Patients are encouraged to take notes and bring a loved one to appointments. The Brain Tumor Center offers a Brain Tumor Support Group for patients and their families. Our goal at the Piedmont Brain Tumor Center in Atlanta, Georgia, is to help answer the questions and ease the fears each of our patients face, so they can make the best, well-informed decisions about their care. 


Diagnostic Testing 

The Piedmont Brain Tumor Center provides all the necessary diagnostic procedures to make a fast and accurate diagnosis for our patients.

Treatment Options 

Many brain tumors can be surgically removed, depending on the type of tumor.