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Importance of Skin Cancer Screenings

Atlanta, Ga. (May 7, 2024) — Skin cancer can happen to anyone and Wills White is one to know. The 32-year-old is grateful to Piedmont for the discerning eye of his primary care physician.

White’s health care journey began when his wife noticed a small, red spot on his back and told him to get it checked out. With his annual physical coming up, he decided he’d bring it up to his primary care physician.

Hayden Aaron, M.D., at Piedmont Physicians of Sandy Springs was also concerned with the spot and gave him a referral to see a dermatologist. Wills said he wasn’t too nervous, because he trusted his doctor and was thankful his wife also was encouraging him to get it looked at quickly. He was able to be seen quickly and the dermatologist told him she was happy he came in, because it wasn’t looking like an average skin spot. Soon thereafter, Wills had a small surgery performed to get the spot biopsied and it came back as skin cancer.

Even if the sun is not blazing, you can get too much exposure from the UV rays. So, it’s recommended by healthcare professionals to wear SPF every day.

“Even with it not being summer, any one is vulnerable to skin cancer,” said Dr. Aaron. “The sun is out year-round and preventing skin cancer is something everyone can be diligent about doing every day.”

Luckily, Wills was told his diagnosis was a very common form of skin cancer that’s highly treatable. With that relief in mind, his dermatologist was able to get it fully removed and now Wills is urging everyone, young or old, to schedule their annuals in a timely manner. He also says it’s important to know what your body looks like, so that when something looks off, even as a small as a spot, you can know to take it to your primary care physician or dermatologist and get it checked out.

Skin cancer is the most common type of all cancers and if found early, can be treated quickly. Piedmont will create a personalized plan for you and make sure you are placed with the best care team. Learn more at

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