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Piedmont Athens Regional’s Graduate Medical Education Program Matches With 31 Medical Residents

Athens, Ga. (March 26, 2024) – Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center will add 31 doctors to its roster on July 1, the result of this month’s Match Week when medical school graduates learn whether they’ve been matched with a Graduate Medical Education (GME) program to complete their residencies.

The new residents will join Piedmont Athens Regional in the Internal Medicine and Transitional Year residency programs.

“Match Day is a momentous occasion and the exciting beginning of a new chapter for these talented individuals,” Catherine Apaloo, M.D., F.A.C.P., the Designated Institutional Official for the Graduate Medical Education program at Piedmont Athens Regional. “We are thrilled to welcome the incoming residents and eager to support them as they continue their clinical training

The Piedmont Athens Regional residency program offers tracks of one to three years and has increased the number of doctors who serve Athens and the state of Georgia by retaining many of the doctors who complete their medical training here.

Although Piedmont Athens Regional is a large, 427-bed hospital, residents are able to work under direct supervision from their attendings. Residents practice medicine at the hospital and at the outpatient Clay Community Care Clinic. The mission of the Piedmont Athens Regional Internal Medicine residency program is to train the next generation of physicians throughout the state of Georgia. 

The new residents joining Piedmont Athens this summer are:


  • Samuel Acheampong, M.D.
  • Dzidzo Anaglate, M.D.
  • Georgia Annan, M.D.;
  • Papa Beeko, M.D.;
  • Prince Darko, M.D.;
  • Chinenye Egwuonwu, M.D.;
  • Dylan Hewlett, M.D.;
  • Wael Kanjo, M.D.;
  • Eidetter Lisondra, M.D.;
  • Fernando Mendez, M.D.;
  • Abigail Mills-Annoh, M.D.;
  • Brice Kwijirba Njobe, M.D.;
  • Grace Ogunkoya, M.D.;
  • Eunice Omeludike, M.D.;
  • Baffour Otchere, M.D.;
  • Abdul-Rahaman Ottun, M.D.;
  • Hector Pantaleon, M.D.;
  • Mohamad Rezek, M.D.;
  • Moatamn Skuk, M.D.;
  • Paolo Nikolai So, M.D.;
  • Ashley Thompson-Edwards, M.D.


  • Sylvanus Addotey, M.D.;
  • Crystine Cherenfant, M.D.;
  • Lauren Gilstrap, M.D.;
  • Andrew Gregor, M.D.;
  • Ehsan UI Karim, M.D.;
  • Rachel Mann, M.D.;
  • Ijeoma Nnodebe, M.D.;
  • Diana Olvera, D.O.;
  • Harpreet Sidhu, M.D.;
  • Chidimma Udoyeh, M.D.

Piedmont Athens began its Graduate Medical Education program in 2016 with 15 Internal Medicine residents and 10 Transitional Year residents. With those coming on board this summer, Piedmont Athens will employ a total of 72 residents.

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