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Emergency Department Nurse at Piedmont Walton Earns Top Award

Monroe, Ga. (September 8, 2023) – Piedmont Walton Hospital recently hosted their annual Promise 360 Awards Celebration. The event recognized the hospital’s monthly winners from the past year and named the overall champion for the year for the hospital and two runners-up.

Genesis Ford, an RN in Piedmont Walton’s Emergency Department, is an amazing nurse on any given day and consistently looks for ways to go above and beyond to help others. In addition to the care she provides to patients at the hospital, Ford was recognized for using her lunch break to drive to retrieve a patient’s personal items from the outside facility where they had been receiving care prior to being transported to Piedmont Walton and were being discharged from. In getting the patient’s items from the facility, she ensured the patient would not have to plan to go back to the facility after they were discharged to their home, which was 300 miles away. In another instance, Ford saw the family member of a patient she had cared for walking home. She stopped and asked to give them a ride home which was out of her way.

"These acts of kindness and compassion show Piedmont’s commitment to making a positive difference in every life we touch," said Blake Watts, CEO of Piedmont Walton. "Genesis demonstrated what it means to be a champion of patient-centered care."

The two runners-up at this year’s award ceremony were Jeff Whitmire and Tommy Hawk.

Whitmire, a public safety officer at the hospital, was nominated for his commitment in going above and beyond to ensure the safety and well-being of discharged patients. Colleagues describe how he has made sure patients have had warm clothes and had eaten meals before being discharged from the hospital.  He was also recognized for making sure a patient was celebrated and made to feel appreciated on their birthday while they were in the hospital.

Hawk, an HVAC maintenance tech, was recognized for his creativity and ingenuity and how he frequently goes above and beyond to support co-workers and keep the hospital’s facility in great working condition 24/7. In one example, his efforts had a direct impact on ensuring the OR stayed operational so that patients with scheduled surgery did not have any delays or cancellations.   

"These three individuals, and really all of the monthly champions who were recognized, are all excellent examples of Piedmont’s commitment to caring for our patients and the community," said Watts. "The entire team at Piedmont Walton performs incredible acts like this, day in and day out, showing their resiliency and creativity."

Patients, visitors, fellow staff members, or department leaders can nominate employees who go above and beyond for others for a Promise 360 award. The overall winner from each hospital in the Piedmont system becomes a nominee for the President’s Award, which will be presented in November.


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