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Piedmont Macon's Resident Physicians to Graduate June 9

Macon, Ga. (June 5, 2023) – Thirty-eight doctors will graduate from Piedmont Macon Medical Center’s residency program this week in a downtown ceremony.

The commencement is scheduled for 6 p.m. Friday, June 9 at Fall Line Station, 567 Plum St.

Piedmont Macon’s Graduate Medical Education program began in 2017 with 10 Internal Medicine residents and four Psychiatry residents. The program has grown to include 86 residency spots in four areas: Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Transitional Year and Psychiatry.

Each of the four residency programs has lengths of training ranging from one to four years, depending on the specialty. Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine are both three years, while Psychiatry is four. Transitional Year is an intern year designed to be a foundation in preparation for an advanced residency completed elsewhere in specialties such as Dermatology, Anesthesiology and Radiology.

This year’s graduates include 10 from Internal Medicine, 10 from Emergency Medicine, and six from Psychiatry. Additionally, 12 of the graduates are Transitional Year residents.

“Graduation marks the culmination of many years of hard work and dedication in the field of medicine by these physicians,” said Jonathan Smith, M.D., the Designated Institutional Official for the GME program at Piedmont Macon. “During their time at Piedmont Macon, each of them helped care for the people of Middle Georgia and in turn have positively touched the lives of individuals and our community as a whole.

“Graduates are moving on to a variety of opportunities, including some who will be working in Middle Georgia and others who are pursuing additional post-graduate training. This program is another example of how Piedmont helps Georgia to grow.”

Of the 38 graduating physicians, at least 10 have announced they will remain in Georgia, including five who have secured positions in Middle Georgia.

“Our primary goal is to graduate physicians who are excellent healers, engaged colleagues and thoughtful professionals who will impact the lives of Georgians for many years to come,” said Piedmont Macon Chief Medical Officer Gary Bernstein, M.D. “These physicians are well equipped to live the Piedmont Promise to make a positive difference in every life they touch.”

Although it’s a large 310-bed hospital, Piedmont Macon still allows residents to get one-on-one time with attending physicians and specialty coordinators. Piedmont Macon attending physicians typically take only one resident per rotation, giving residents the best opportunity to learn and grow as a physician. Piedmont Macon also has a full-time scholarly activity coordinator who works one-on-one with residents on research and publications.

“We are honored that these graduates chose to complete their residency at Piedmont Macon,” Dr. Smith said. “We wish them only the best as they move on to the next steps of their careers.”

Emergency Medicine graduates:

Philip Chung, M.D.

Mattie Erby, M.D.

Vincenzo Happach, D.O.

Bryan Hostetler, M.D.

Mary Kuyvenhoven, M.D.

Nosson “Nate” Lerner, M.D.

Earl Nicholas “Nick” Mullis, III, M.D.

Yuna Park, M.D.

Sanam Patel, M.D.

Charles Soares, M.D.

Internal Medicine graduates:

Mariah Andrews, M.D.

Ayesha Cheema, M.D.

Chibuzor Ejike, M.D.

Nicholas James, M.D.

Ahmad Khawaja, D.O.

Sussan Kokinda, D.O.

Maryam Kundi, M.D.

Yong Lee, M.D.

Clare Omatsone, M.D.

Jacob Pletz, M.D.

Psychiatry graduates:

Brian Birdsong, M.D.

Jennifer Boatwright, M.D.

Navdeep Dhillon, M.D.

Riuyinosa Elema, M.D.

Tyler Purvis, M.D.

Brian Wright, M.D.

Transitional year graduates:

Daniel Berrebi, M.D.

Devon Cross, M.D.

Man Dai, M.D.

Brittany Feaster, M.D.

Michael Kartiko, M.D.

Holden Lee, M.D.

Reid McCullough, D.O.

Ohm Pandya, D.O.
Archit Patel, D.O.

Xuanzhen Piao, M.D.

Najdat Zohbi, M.D.

Chase Tenewitz, M.D.

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