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Piedmont Eastside Cardiac Rehabilitation Relocates to Larger Facility, With New Equipment

Snellville, Ga. (Nov. 15, 2022) — Piedmont Eastside Medical Center is happy to announce the move of its cardiac rehab gymnasium to a larger space, which will be able to accommodate more patients and offer them state-of-the art equipment.
“This new space is all about the quality outcome of the patient’s mind and body. We want to create an atmosphere where he/she doesn’t feel like they’re stepping into the hospital, but to an uplifting place where they are working out more than their heart, and stimulating the mind as well,” said William Wheeler, Director of Cardiovascular Services at Piedmont Eastside.

The cardiac rehab program is open to patients who have overcome and/or are recovering from coronary artery disease to those who’ve had heart surgery. They have the opportunity to re-work the muscles of their new heart, do strength training, become educated in nutrition and diet changes, and manage stress factors.
“Through these weekly courses, patients graduate with a sense of new life and management across the board. We understand this is a mental thing, almost more than a physical. So, while, they are working out, we are making sure to uplift them throughout their time here with us by positive music and positive reinforcements even after they leave,” said Wheeler.

With the new space, comes new equipment and technology to monitor those in the program. This includes a monitor that allows registered nurses to actively view any one of the patient’s heart rates, oxygen levels and even speeds and distances.

Piedmont Eastside’s team is happy to reveal its relocation to new and returning patients and encourage those who may need it, to indulge in increasing their vascular care and cardiac strength.

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