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My Fit RX Program Recommended for Cancer Patients in Treatment and Recovery

Fayetteville, Ga. (Nov. 10, 2021) – Exercise plays a critical role in a person’s overall wellness, but studies have shown that it can also play an important part of cancer treatment and recovery. Among the significant benefits for patients fighting, or recovering from, cancer, are pain reduction, less nausea, and better function overall. Oncologists at Piedmont Fayette are referring their patients to the My Fit Rx program at the Piedmont Wellness Center. The program is designed for individuals transitioning from, or managing, a medical condition.

Patients undergoing cancer treatment can see a decrease in muscle tissue, so strength training can be important. Other benefits of exercise include improving bone density and endurance, as well as significantly less anxiety and depression. There are numerous additional benefits to exercise and strength training for both the body and mind, but another significant benefit of this program is that it gives every patient an additional resource on their journey through cancer treatment or recovery. Alice Gay, a breast cancer survivor, is a graduate of the program and saw the impact it made on her life.

“They saw where I was at when I first came in, made an individualized program for me, and were always there to help when I came in, whether I needed some instruction or motivation,” Gay said. “I was physically and mentally stronger at the end of the program. When I felt there was no hope, that was what they provided. I never felt that kind of compassion before.”

The My Fit Rx program lasts eight weeks and gives all participants unlimited, full access to the center. Participants have assessments at the beginning and end of the program and an individualized exercise plan is created by the certified exercise physiologists on staff. There are two 60-minute supervised group workout sessions per week, but participants can visit the wellness center as often as they like. At the end of eight weeks, My Fit Rx participants have the option to join the wellness center with no enrollment fee.

“The My Fit Rx Fitness Program’s Cancer Fitness offers support aimed at improving muscle function and range of motion, while reducing fatigue,” said Laura Milner, the medical integration coordinator at Piedmont Wellness Center. “We want to help patients build strength and stamina, for their recovery and so they can feel better, faster.”

For some patients, the exercise program amounts to preparing someone physically and mentally for treatment or surgery. Not only are patients more relaxed and feeling better in general before surgery, but studies have shown that post-operative complications and a patient’s length of stay in the hospital decrease when they take part in a program like this.

“The My Fit Rx Cancer Fitness program is appropriate for all oncology patients from diagnosis into survivorship and is offered on a complimentary basis through Thomas F. Chapman Family Cancer Wellness at Piedmont Fayette,” said Kirsten Soriano, Program Coordinator for Cancer Wellness at Piedmont Fayette. “It is also important to remember that entry into this program requires a physician referral.”

To learn more about My Fit Rx Cancer Fitness, contact Kirsten Soriano at 770.719.5861 or at

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