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Cardiologist Urges Risk Factor Modifications to Prevent Heart Disease

Fayetteville, Ga. (Sept. 14, 2021) – Heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in the United States and Rajat Singh, M.D., a new cardiologist with Piedmont Heart Institute practicing at Piedmont Fayette Hospital and Piedmont Newnan, states that modifying one’s risk factors for heart disease is a great way to focus on prevention.

“There are things out of your control, like age or genetics, so you have to focus on what you can control” said Dr. Singh. “That means eliminating bad habits, like smoking, and adding exercise and a healthier diet to your lifestyle.”

Dr. Singh started his career in internal medicine, but gravitated towards cardiology because he felt like he could make a significant impact on his patients and their quality of life. One particular interest of his has been in cardiovascular imaging. Dr. Singh is board certified in adult echocardiography and nuclear cardiology and has specialized training in cardiac CT.

“The advances in imaging are incredible and provide an amazing amount of information for the cardiologist,” said Dr. Singh. “We can see things from multiple angles and sometimes determine the best course of action without a surgical intervention.”

A heart attack or stroke can do profound damage. Dr. Singh urges his patients to get evaluated to determine their risk.

“It can start as simply as eating more fruits and vegetables, cooking with vegetable oils and cutting down on consumption of carbohydrates,” said Dr. Singh, who recommends the Mediterranean Diet to his patients. “It’s also important to get some exercise three or four times a week.”

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