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Piedmont Newton adds HALO Bassinets to help moms get closer to their newborns

Covington, Ga. (July 20, 2021) – Piedmont Newton Hospital is helping moms and their babies get closer in a safe, more convenient way, with the addition of five HALO Bassinets.

The new sleepers replace the traditional hospital bassinets and have an adjustable-height, 360-degree swivel design, which allows a mom to position her newborn for safe and easy access for breastfeeding and care.

“For most families, the model for their newborn’s care is established in the hospital,” said Susann Whittle, RN, manager of women’s services at Piedmont Newton, which delivers roughly 600 babies annually. “These bassinets support the hospital’s safe sleep practices while enabling the closeness that a mom desires most in the first few moments with her child.”

The sleepers are also beneficial for moms recovering from childbirth, especially cesarean births, as they reduce bending and lifting. Mom can tend to her baby’s needs from her own bed, plus, the clear bedside walls of the HALO Bassinet let moms keep an eye on their babies so they can rest without losing eye contact and physical touch.

“It brings the baby closer to mom, promoting bonding, so the mom or partner doesn’t feel they have to bring the baby in their own bed,” Whittle said. “It puts them at the same level and brings the baby over to mom’s bed so they feel like they’re together. Even when she’s sleeping, she can have the baby right over her at her level.”

In addition to providing baby a safe sleep environment and modeling safe sleep practices for parents, the new bassinets promote skin-to-skin bonding and breastfeeding and empower moms to easily care for their child.

The HALO Bassinet ensures a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for families during their stay and Piedmont Newton is proud to have these bassinets available to new families.

Learn more about maternity services at Piedmont Newton here. 

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