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Football Coach Praises Care Team During Battle with COVID-19

Stockbridge, Ga. (April 1, 2021) – Kevin “Bull” Jones has seen warriors in battle. A veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a high school football coach in metro Atlanta for over 20 years, Jones is an expert on courage, dedication, and leadership. After a recent stay in Piedmont Henry Hospital battling COVID-19, Jones praised his doctors and nurses as his real heroes.

“They shielded me in an armor of love from the minute I entered the emergency room,” Jones said. “Every human being I came into contact with told me that they were going to get me better and get me back to my family. I couldn’t see their faces. I was scared and worried, but they all told me that I was going to be alright.”

Jones had been diagnosed with COVID-19 but had no symptoms for several days. Eventually, he lost his sense of taste and smell for a few days and noticed that his temperature was fluctuating. His doctor asked him to check his oxygen levels and when Jones reported it was under 90 percent he was told to go to the hospital immediately. The closest hospital was Piedmont Henry. Jones’ wife had been there a few weeks before with an upper respiratory infection and raved about the care she received. She knew he would be in good hands.

“I was at the hospital in less than 10 minutes and was brought back to triage immediately,” Jones said. “When they tested my oxygen level, it had fallen below 70 percent. Dr. [Charles] Bradford later told me if I had waited to go to the hospital another day, I wouldn’t be walking out like I did.”

Jones was only in the hospital for three nights. He didn’t want to stay in bed and chose to sit in a comfortable recliner by the window. He felt comforted by the nurses and staff members who cared for him and consistently checked up on him. He also stated that the meals were excellent and reminded him of the dishes he had growing up.

“As a football coach and teacher, I’m used to caring for others,” Jones said. “It’s strange to have to be taken care of. I’m so grateful for the people who cared for me. They are the frontline of defense during this pandemic and they do an incredible job.”

Jones, currently a defensive coordinator at North Atlanta High School, also has a weekly podcast called 100 Yards of Football that can be found on Spotify, Apple, Facebook, and YouTube among other locations. He plans on sharing his experience on the show and stressing the importance of taking COVID-19 seriously.  

“Dr. Bradford said that most men wait too long to get care when they are sick,” Jones said. “We need to take care of ourselves.”

Jones is glad he didn’t wait to go to Piedmont Henry and he is grateful for the care he received. He’s on the mend and is looking forward to many more years of coaching and talking football.

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