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Athens Christian School’s Johness Davis Named Piedmont Athens Athlete of the Month

Athens, Ga. (March 29, 2021) – Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center recognizes Athens Christian School athlete Johness Davis as an Athlete of the Month. The program recognizes a high school student athlete every month for their perseverance through an athletic injury or medical illness either on or off the field.

Davis, who plays on both the football and basketball teams, was nominated as the program’s Athlete of the Month in February after he experienced an injury to his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), one of the key ligaments that helps stabilize the knee joint.

“Johness really stands out amongst his team, and he’s a hard-working, determined and humble athlete,” said Kristen Kiser, Piedmont Athens Regional Physical Therapy Assistant, “Johness’s injury needed surgery to repair, and we started a recovery program right away, which included strengthening, balance and stability exercises, among other things.”

In addition to working with Kiser, Davis also completed regular rehabilitation sessions with a physical therapist. Though it was a lengthy recovery, Kiser said that Davis never let his injury get the best of him. His hard work and determination helped turn what’s typically a 12-month recovery into just nine months.

On multiple occasions, Davis would do extra work on the skills he was struggling with. He didn’t want to just finish, he wanted to do every movement correctly and get the most out of the work he was putting in.

In a special ceremony last month, the Piedmont Orthopedic Sports Medicine Group gathered to recognize Davis as the team’s Athlete of the Month and celebrate his persistence to overcome such a difficult injury.

The Athlete of the Month Program was established by Piedmont Athens Regional’s Orthopedic Sports Medicine team in an effort to support and recognize local, hard-working student athletes.

“Each month, we focus on one high school and meet as a committee, which includes the school’s athletic director, other members of their team and members of the athletic training program,” said Katie Terrell, athletic trainer and outreach coordinator for the hospital’s sports medicine program. “These amazing athletes overcome so much in order to play each year, and we wanted to find another way to support them as well as our community.” 

According to Kiser, Davis showed up to his rehabilitation sessions ready to work hard, making him really stand out. “Not all days in recover are easy,” said Kiser. “But Johnness did not quit!”  Davis also says though the work was hard, he believes it made him better. In fact, he’s now a three-sport athlete, recently adding track to his list!  

As the Athlete of the Month for February, Davis received an award and is now featured in the Orthopedic Sports Medicine facility located on Piedmont’s Oconee Health Campus in Watkinsville, Ga.

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