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Don't Let Pandemic Limit Joy of Pregnancy

Stockbridge, Ga. (May 13, 2020) – Timothy Brown, M.D., recently joined Piedmont Physicians Obstetrics and Gynecology on the campus of Piedmont Henry Hospital. Many of the concerns that he hears from new, and soon to be, mothers are obviously centered around COVID-19. Dr. Brown assures his patients that while their pregnancy and delivery are taking place in unusual circumstances, there is no reason to be fearful.

“The main things to remember are to follow the CDC guidelines; practice good hand hygiene, maintain physical distancing, and wear a mask in public,” said Dr. Brown. “There are processes and procedures at the hospital to keep everyone safe during delivery and recovery.”

One way that Piedmont works to keep mother and baby safe is by only allowing one support person to accompany a laboring mother and testing the mother and their support person for COVID-19. This allows the staff to appropriately manage labor and post-natal care. If a mother happens to test positive for COVID-19, she has to quarantine away from the baby for two weeks. The coronavirus is not present in breast milk, so a new mother who has tested positive for COVID-19 can provide milk that someone else can bottle feed to the baby.

“While it can be disappointing to not be able to have some of the same traditions or milestones of delivering a baby because of the pandemic; baby showers, visitors, etc., don’t let COVID-19 limit the joy of a pregnancy,” said Dr. Brown. “This is a happy time and we’ll get through this together.”

Dr. Brown recommends that expecting mothers still go outside and walk, getting some fresh air and sunshine, as well as plenty of rest. He also recommends continuing to have baby showers, just on-line so that everyone can continue to stay connected while practicing physical distancing.

Dr. Brown has practiced in the area for over 24 years and is excited to join the practice and work with Kevin Edmonds, M.D., and April Witzel, a certified nurse midwife.

To learn more about Dr. Edmonds, April Witzel and Piedmont Physicians Obstetrics and Gynecology, visit

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